Onyx and Obsidian Armour Quests

Upon Reaching Level 120 Jowan Steelhand located in the Otherworld beside the Fortress Outskirsts leystone will begin offering the Onyx / Obsidian Armour quests.  Every few additional levels will open up the next quest for the next piece of armor. 

Each piece of Onyx armour requires five Runes of Summoning to be turned into Jowan. Each armour piece can upgraded to Obsidian Armour for an additional 10 Runes of Summoning. To obtain the Runes of Summoning kill numerous Blackstone mobs in the Otherworld across the bridge from Jowan.

Hands - Level 120 - Minor Runes of Summoning
Feet - Level 124 - Lesser Runes of Summoning
Head - Level 128 - Common Runes of Summoning
Legs - Level 132 - Greater Runes of Summoning
Chest - Level 136 - Grand Runes of Summoning

Onyx Armour
Druid -  Mage -  Ranger -  Rogue -  Warrior
Obsidian Armour
Druid -  Mage -  Ranger -  Rogue -  Warrior