Site News and Updates

ALL THE ICONS ARE UPLOADED! Check out all the shiny icons to go with the new items!
Things will be added in slowly but surely now, sooooo....
Bridge of Despair Map and Belakor the Spellwrought Vendor

I have the icons figured out. Working on meticulously converting each icon one at a time, will be uploaded soon then updates will follow with maps (my style) and custom lists for all the new items.

Gelebron's Tower Update!

Some of you may have figured out the items were added in a week ago (day after update) BUT i have been unable to extract the icons properly to display with the items. I will keep working on them but in the meantime here is the list of all the items added in with the update. Exalted Dragonlord, Deluxe Items, All the new purchase and quest armors and weapons and even Ostara items. Have Fune!

Gelebron's Tower Full Item List

Celtic Heroes Skills Compendium!

I have been working on this for a long time and have finally completed it. It lists all the player skills with icon, name, description, class, how to obtain and energy cost.
Don't forget to use the new expandable site menu on the left column to easily navigate to any page on the site!
Good Hunting!

Website Updates!

See the list of all the things updated and changed here!

With the deployment of the new Destiny engine for IOS many of the maps have changed and quests have been modified. The maps and the quests sections are all in the process of being updated. If you see the celticheroes.net logo on a map it has been updated!

Hopefully over the holidays I will be able to fix things up and get some other things working correctly, the forums for example.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all and Good Hunting!

Yule 2014 Quick Lists Are All Updated!

Full Yule 2014 Items List
Ansgar of Glenmor - Yule 2014 Deluxe Shop   -   Dolina of Glenmor - Yule 2014 Mount Shop
Yule 2014 Boss Drop List

Yule 2014 and IOS Destiny Engine is Here!

Yule 2014 has arrived and IOS Destiny Engine is live. It took me a little longer to figure out all the new files with the new engine. I am not really sure how OTM is going to be doing patching in the futur because nearly all the files are in one giant 200+ MB file. Changing one item icon might require downloading that entire file for each update. DO NOT UPDATE WHILE ON 3G LOL!

Without further ado CLICK THIS LINK for a list of all the new items.

Custom lists for all the deluxe merchants and boss loot will be up in a few days.

SAMHAIN 2014 Custom Lists!


Also Miruna the Deluxe Item Trader in Farcrage Castle and Cornel the Deluxe Mount Trader

AND a COMPLETE list of the Silverweb items that drop from all the Bosses.

There is alot of things to look at. But I did find another interesting thing, do a search for Item Name Arachnus, there are other deluxe items in the database that were not included in the patch.

Have Fun and Good Hunting!


All the items from todays patch and their Icons have been added to the database. Over the next few days I will add the customized lists for all the new items, Deluxe Shops and loot lists from the bosses.

Keep in mind this is the IOS database, reading the CH Forums it appears their may be differences between the Android Items and the IOS items. A slight disconnect from the Android team and IOS team at OTM LOL!

Try searching for Silverweb in Item Name or Samhain 2014 in Item Description.

Good Hunting!

There was a patch July 31st with some new mobs, content and items!


Good Hunting!
PS - I have removed all items named as TEST, DO NOT USE and DEPRECATED.

As requested I have added some additional features to the Search script for the Items Database.

It is now possible to sort by Item Name, Item ID, Armor, Delay and Damage in either Ascending or Descending order. See my post on the forums for a more detailed explanation of the new Search Features!

Good Hunting!

A new section has been added to Celticheroes.net: The Forums!

The Forums will be the residing place of all the updates and history of the site. It has a Discussion section and an Errors and Problems section. Check them out and create a Celticheroes.net account and say Hi on the Forums!

I have a goal in mind for the Forums, or specifically the Celticheroes.net accounts. If I can get the coding to do what I want it to do... it will be big!

As promised from a long time ago, CATEGORIES, have been added into the Search feature for the Items Database. There is over 30 different Categories that OTM has defined in the game from 1 hand sword category to a cane category (from Yule 2014 event). It is interesting how they classified some things and excluded others completely.

Along with adding the categories in I did a major overhaul of the search script that actually does the searching. It's now possible to search just by Slot and Class (or Slot and Category, or any other combination). But it is still necessary to enter at least something, a blank search will return an Invalid Search Page now.

Have Fun and Good Hunting!

Somewhat of a big update. Did alot of work to add more details on all quick links. They all have titles and a litle description now and links to their zones or quest walkthroughs.

More Beltane 2014 information: Rowan of Armair the event Luxury Item Vendor list has been added with prices for all her items!

Beltane 2014 Update: Loot lists for Galar, Kron, Comrak and Garanak.

BELTANE 2014 is HERE! And for those eagerly awaiting the items database to be updated...


Search 2014, Garanak (Level 200 Boss) or Comrak (Level 150 Boss) in the Item Description field and search away! In the next few days I will upload a quick list for all the new lux (with prices) and loot lists for all the new event bosses!


Did a major overhaul of the Abilities and Skills quest page:
- Separated the two, there is now an Evasion Abilities quest page and a Skills quest page.
- The Red Book and Blue Book skill quest have added information. Info is there now for the skill for each class and which pages are needed.
- The list of Update 4 skills has been added in with the zone where each skill tome drops from.

This weeks changes and updates include:
- Added titles and descriptions for all the deluxe merchants listed in the Items page. New players will understand who, what and where they are!
- Fixed an issue with all (or most) the Yule 2013 items not displaying the item icon with the item. I must have missed those ~500 icons in my hurry to get all the Yule items up and then forgot to go back later and add them in. My Bad!

Yule 2013 has finally come to an end. Even though I read the message the content was removed I still warped to Farcrag and tried to get the daily Wyvern XP quest.

Changes are coming to CelticHeroes.net. I was working on things in the background with the database and creating lists to make items easier to find. I have worked everything out and now it's time to actually bring it onto the site.

As many have probably noticed the Items page has quick links for all the boss mobs loot lists - Aggragoth, Hrungnir, Mordris and Efnisien. And quick link lists for all the Deluxe Merchant items with all of their prices for the items.

Now comes the part of updating the rest of the website with the new information.

Next big change with be adding searching items by type, such as one hand slash, Bows, etc. Like I said I have figured out the information, just need to implement it....

As always have fun and good hunting!