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Adding in the custom lists!

Bandwidth is a major problem this month. Already at 35% of the monthly cap on the 6th day of the month. Not good lol!
So, to help with the bandwidth issues I will start adding the custom lists, once they are added in i will disable the Complete List for Samhain 2015 for a while. Please use the Custom lists to reduce the amount of bandwidth being used!

Samhain 2015 Boss Loot Lists
Srak - Level 60 Boss
Hawn the Afflicted - level 110 Boss
Paradai the Blighted - Level 160 Boss
Osan Marach - Level 210 Boss

Samhain 2015 Deluxe Vendor Shops
Riona MacDougall - Level 90 Lux Shop
Fraser MacTavish - Level 140 Lux Shop
Seonaid Ashcroft - Level 190 Lux Shop
Luxury Mount Vendor added soon!

Arcane Sanctum Quests
Rings of Pure Symmetry
Bands of the Anointed
Druid Doch Gul Armour
Mage Doch Gul Armour
Ranger Doch Gul Armour
Rogue Doch Gul Armour
Warrior Doch Gul Armour

And Last, but not least...


Since discussing items is forbidden and deleted on OTMs Forums I would invite you all to post on the Forums here to discuss the new items!
I started a discussion on the new Geleborn weapons here, Let me know what you guys think!

Samhain 2015 has arrived to CelticHeroes.Net (finally) !

Disabled - Complete List of all new Samhain 2015 items!

All the new items have been added into the database.There are nearly 1000 new items added in or changed with this update and over the next week I will be adding custom lists. Custom lists for the new Lux vendors, Samhain Bosses, the new Rings and Armour Quests and of course the Geleborn loot as well.

P.S. I had to change the front page a little bit to reduce the amount of bandwidth being used by the site, this month is looking like it will be a huge month for bandwidth LOL!.

A few notes:
The Skills Compendium has been updated with all the new (10% reduction) Druid and Mage energy values. The old values I archived in a post on the Forums for those interested in what the old values were.

There was an issue with the Profiles section. New profiles were having issues with blank entries causing them to be un-editable. Databases don't like a NULL value! Corrected the issue so everyone can edit their new profiles!

I believe I have created a unique resource for Celtic Heroes on this website with the maps, quests, items database, skills compendium and profiles. Unfortunately, OTM does not see it that way. It seems any overt reference to this website on the Celtic Heroes forums is summarily deleted. I know my posts are not the only ones that OTM has been deleting. Much feedback and discussion has been squashed, deleted and removed from their forums. The result is a forums community, if it can be called that at all now, that resembles nothing of what it was like 2 years ago. People had passion about this game and posted continuously on the forums, the front page always had some interesting new thread going on every day. People have stopped posting on the forums, and it's sad.

I won't be posting anymore news on their forums. I am going to be moving my discussions and posts to my social media on my Facebook and Google+ pages and into my Forums. Stay tuned, I am going to try to makes things fun and exciting again for Celtic Heroes Community!

The Database has been updated with the new items!

All the new Beltane 2015 items have been added into the database! See the lists below for all the new items added in!

Complete List of all new Beltane 2015 items!

All the Bosses loot drops!

Sage Caradoc Luxury Item Trader (with prices)

Sage Galena Luxury Mount Trader (with prices)

Alot of new items have been added in and I need a little help. If you notice any items that do not display an icon or the skill line is blank please post the name of the item or its item id in the forums. It is a manual process to populate that data into this system and when there is close to 15,000 items I might have missed the odd icon or skill.

Next, is to update the skills compendium page with the new energy costs of the druid and mage skills. That is going to be alot of work, ugh....

As always have fun and good hunting!